The EU Green Deal requires a Landscape Approach

The Altiplano Landscape (Andalusia/Murcia, Spain) is a degraded area where landscape restoration is driven by community participation and regenerative business development (Photo credit: Aleval)
The 4 Returns framework was first published in 2015 by Commonland, Rotterdam School of Management and IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management.
The 3 Zones approach applied to an area of the Altiplano, Spain (Photo credit: Alvelal)
Landscape developer Otto Beukes restoring thicket vegetation through ponding, seeding, brushing techniques (Photo credit: Commonland)
Monique Van der Laan, an organic Dutch dairy farmers, tests soil as part of a excursion (Photo credit:

“We farmers have a tractor view, while the United Nations and governments come with a satellite view. The 4 Returns gave us a helicopter view so we could steer our ‘tractors’ the right way.” — Willie Van Rensburg, South African farmer



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